Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting Started

After making a decision, the next step is taking full responsibility for your health and fitness results, and then getting leverage on yourself through the pain and pleasure principle.

Take Full Responsibility

Also remember that we are all 100% responsible for how our lives turn out!

Regardless of your current circumstances or what’s happened to us in the past, no one else has control over your life and the choices you make.

And the bottom line is that you are the result of the choices you make on a daily, and even hourly basis.

Our minds are going every minute of every day, and the self-talk going on in our heads is too often negative and non-productive.

Remember the fact is that we get what we think about, so try to keep your thoughts positive, and productive at all times.

Also try to become more aware of your ongoing thoughts and ultimately the choices that result from those thoughts.

When you can “in the moment” become aware of exactly what you’re thinking about, and the choices that result from those thoughts, you will be amazed at how you can alter your thinking, make deliberate positive choices, and start achieving the outcomes you want.

Use the Pain and Pleasure Principle

Did you ever consider the fact that everything, we do in life is driven by the pain and pleasure principle.

If we feel that a particular action will result in more pleasure than pain in our lives, we will do it…but if we feel that action will bring more pain than pleasure we will not do it. It’s as simple as that!

Tony Robbins talks a lot about the “pain and pleasure” principle in his self-help training programs, and the bottom line is that it works. The key to success here is what we focus on in making our pain or pleasure decisions.

For example, imagine you’re out to dinner with some good friends and one of your friends suggests you order a delicious fattening dessert.

If you focus on how delicious the dessert will be and how much you’ll enjoy eating it, you will order the dessert…..but if you start to think about how you want to lose weight, how good you’ll feel when you attain your weight and fitness goals, you will decide not to eat it.

What Tony Robbins say's is that we make choices based on pain and pleasure. And until the pain gets big enough, you will not be motivated to make the necessary changes to achieve the goals in our lives.

The great thing is you can put yourself in that state of mind whenever you want. You can do this with EVERY situation in your life.

When you are taking the easy road, stop, catch yourself and do a "gut check". Create the pain right then and there! Get that pain high enough to take immediate action. This works great for your fitness commitment.

Every time you want skip your workout, or eat unhealthy food, get the pain to come out and really feel it. It works every time!

This is where the taking 100% responsibility for your life comes in.

Can you now see how you in fact are in control of your outcomes for good or bad?

If you are not happy in your job, relationships, or your weight or fitness, you can make better choices and change every single one of those outcomes.

And…it’s not as hard as you think. In fact, once you do it and see you can improve, it gets infectious and you’ll become a positive “change-maker” in all areas of your life.

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