Friday, May 23, 2008

Assess Your Current Condition

Now it’s time to take a look at and evaluate your current physical condition.

There are probably some obvious things that initially come to mind. Things you might want to change like getting in better shape, overcoming and illness, or losing some weight etc., but there may be other factors you need to consider.

If you are unhappy about any part of your body, chances are good that area of your body is bothering you because it’s unhealthy in some way.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine where you stand right now.

· Do you have aches and pains in parts or your body that are not from a recent injury.

· Do you struggle to do physical activities or sports?

· Are you unhappy with the way your body looks? Do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror?

· Have you been told by a doctor, your family or others that you need to lose weight or consider your fitness?

· Do you have clothes that no longer fit, or have trouble finding clothes that fit certain parts of your body?

· Do you often feel tired and worn out, don’t have the energy you’d like, or often feel sick in some way?

If so, you should consider making a decision to start making changes to correct these situations.

Remember that “Everything Starts in Your Mind”…..With Making a Decision about what you want and committing to taking steps to make it happen.

Next just think about and make an honest personal evaluation of your current health and physical condition eg. Your overall health, energy level, body weight, strength, flexibility, and how your body looks.

I’ suggest you take out a notebook, and jot down your thoughts in each area.

I would also recommend that you go online and take the Free online real age test at

This real age test will provide you with some very good additional insights into your current health and health habits, and also give you some good ideals to help improve your health and fitness goals and to stay young longer.

Now based on your evaluation decide exactly what you want to change, and visualize how you will look and feel when you have achieved your health and fitness goals. Next, imagine how you will look and feel when you’re all dressed up in your nicest clothes ready to go out. And think about how others will react to the new you? Imaging looking younger, and feeling stronger, and healthier.

Now make a commitment to yourself that you will take action to make it happen!...In our next post, we’ll talk about establishing your SMART goals, and developing a plan of action.

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